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About us

Anna & Louis is a dream come true

It is a change in my lifestyle

I am Spanish, currently living in London. I have two beautiful children (Anna and Louis) that are the most precious treasure in my life.
I have been working for international companies for a few years now. Although I liked my job there was something in me that was telling me: “this will not last for ever”. Tired of commuting, and wanting to spend more time with my children, family and friends I decided to do what I always felt passionate about.
I have always spent time when travelling, and from day to day, searching for the perfect piece of cloth that reflects a bit of my personality for me and my children: smart but casual, simple but chic.
Hope you get to enjoy this as much as I do.
Thank you to my family, friends and all of you who are reading this now to make my dream come true.


Anna and Louis was inspired by the many compliments that my children and I have received over the years regarding our clothes. Many times people will come and ask “Where did you buy that from?!”.  Therefore I decided to bring to the UK some of those beautiful Spanish brands that we have been complimented on and that some people have asked me to get it for them.


Inspiring with Spanish style, online boutique for women and children. There are loads of places where you can buy clothes these days, and it is difficult to choose.
In Anna and Louis we are happy to help you in our personal shopper area. If you need help to find some clothes for a special ocasion or to create a look, or if you just can’t find what you are after, please get in touch with us and we will help!

We have personally selected each individual piece, inspired in Spain but still at an affordable price. Hope you love them as much as we do!