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Boy' shirt
Spanish boy's cardigan


Fina Ejerique

Boy' shirt

This classic boy’s shirt in white features a Mao collar and green stitched buttons.

Spanish baby and children’s clothes in 100% cotton.

Machine wash 30°C with like colours

Size guide:

Approximate age Child’s height Child’s weight
Newborn 50 cm up to 3 kg
1 month 54 cm up to 4 kg
3 month 60 cm 5.7 kg
6 month 67 cm 7.7 kg
9 month 71 cm 8.7 kg
12 month 74 cm 9.7 kg
18 month 81 cm 11.5 kg
24 month 86 cm 13.2 kg
36 month 95 cm 14.9 kg


About the brand:

Fina Ejerique  founded the Spanish company in 1993 with a clear mission: to launch a comfortable and elegant collection for children. Fina Ejerique make designs with good materials and fabrics. Quality is the key to Fina Ejerique's success.

Royals know about this brand and we have seen royal children wear their clothes.