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Newborn Condor tights

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Our newborn Condor tights made in Spain are very popular. The reason for that is because they are good quality, comfy and they don't bubble!.

Condor tights are available in our web in different colours:

-plane or ribbed white baby tights

spanish baby's tights

[caption id="attachment_7262" align="aligncenter" width="250"]White ribbed condor tights White ribbed condor tights[/caption]

Unisex white baby and children's  tights that can team any outfit.

One of our favourite colours that match any boy's or girl's outfits: cream colour

Spanish Girls ribbed tightsAnd much more in our web....

Spanish baby tights made in Spain.

About the brand

Founded in 1898, Condor is the Spanish reference in hosiery and knitwear for children.

The brand is creatively and technologically dynamic to satisfy ever more professional and competitive markets. The company’s key factors for achieving its targets are the quality, the price and the garments that adapt to the changes fashion demands of us.

They thinks about the comfort and well-being of babies, girls and boys of all ages. Their  aim is to create garments with their own original design and a wide range of colours for dressing at all times of day and for any occasion.

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